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Testimonals_SteffanieBjorgan5I really enjoyed meeting with Dan and Katie from Embrace Niagara. They have a genuine interest in “all things good” in Niagara and use their online publication to share. I’ve used their link to highlight to others what Red Roof Retreat is all about. It’s great to get exposure for our charity, but I also enjoyed the links and connections that came out of it. It shows that we are all connected and that’s what makes Niagara so amazing. Thanks to Embrace Niagara for all its positive energy! 
– Steffanie Bjorgan, Red Roof Retreat

Testimonals_MarkLalama2Dan and Katie are wonderful ambassadors for the Region because of their passion. Here I was, the subject of the interview, feeling completely inspired by them.  Their whole Embrace Niagara initiative feels like a movement and you can’t help feeling excited by that.
– Mark Lalama, Musician & Record Producer

Testimonals_PaulTappay2As a lifelong resident of Niagara Falls, I can’t say enough about how I feel about Embrace Niagara and what it represents. It is what it says it is: “Embrace Niagara.” Its creators Dan and Katie chose to come here. Chose to become a part of our community. While others might think it’s fashionable to label Niagara as a certain type of area or think there are greener pastures outside its borders, they chose to not only embrace Niagara but also to embrace its people and its culture…to add to its culture. Pulp Comics is proud to be featured in Embrace Niagara and wish them continued success and growth as they represent Niagara and the people and their stories that lay within it.
– Paul Tappay, Pulp Comics

Testimonals_MonicaDufault2Embrace Niagara created a wonderful piece about White Crow, profiling the Niagara residents who created and produced the play, and highlighting the value of the show within its regional context.
– Monica Dufault, White Crow

Testimonals_KieraNewmanEmbrace Niagara has been a true catalyst for our company, Creaturon Inc. Through their involvement with our startup company, from posting an article about us to attending our Launch Party, they have helped us to connect with people all over Niagara. They are a window into what’s going on around us in all different aspects of life and keep us involve with our community at many levels. We are lucky to have them and wish them success in their growth!
– Kiera Newman, Creaturon Inc.

Testimonals_Empty2Niagara has so much to offer, so many things to see and do—it’s wonderful that you have embraced the region’s highlights, events, and characters and promote them on your website. Good to share all that is Niagara with the world, and good be reminded time and again what’s out there all around us.
– Gail Todd, Something Else and Port Colborne BIA

Testimonals_Empty2Really enjoyed our farm visit with Embrace Niagara and thought your representation of our farm was top quality. You really portrayed us true to who we are. What you are doing to promote the Niagara region and all it has to offer is awesome!
– Shirley Ladouceur, Chez Nous Farms

Testimonals_Empty2Dan and Katie at Embrace Niagara are great ambassadors for life in Niagara. Last year Dan took part in our fundraising bicycle ride. He not only raised funds and rode with us, he took the time to get to know us and very thoughtfully shared our story and event with his readers. It is great to have a website like Embrace Niagara that promotes local people, businesses, and activities. Thank you Dan and Katie, keep up the great work!
– Rick Lombardi, Mac’s Bikes

Testimonals_Empty2The beauty of the Niagara Wine Industry is in the storytelling. Embrace Niagara have been able to capture our festivals and the stories that we tell and the memories that we create with their beautiful images and their art of writing. I look forward to seeing the experiences that we develop for the consumer come to life in the Embrace Niagara articles. Cheers to many more Niagara Grape and Wine Festival adventures!
– Kimberly Hundertmark, Niagara Grape & Wine Festival

Testimonals_Empty2Thank you for welcoming us, we have fallen in love with Niagara over the past 2 years.
Having said that, Embrace Niagara has contributed to this growing love. It being available has given patrons and visitors a opportunity not to miss out on any great events ,markets, concerts etc. If you have missed something, Embrace Niagara will fill you in. It has been a delight to read the article on NOTL SupperMarket and see its Success and Smiles on so many satisfied faces. We cannot wait to be a part of NOTL SupperMarket @ the Village 2013. We as a business are growing and learning and are excited to do this with Beautiful Niagara. Let us Embrace Niagara.

– Vito & Alice Guerriero, Suppermarket

Testimonals_Empty2Embrace Niagara is a beautifully written and photographed look at Niagara for people who live here, and folks just passing through. As a farmer I mean it when I say “I don’t get out much!” Embrace Niagara encourages me to get out and have a look-see at cool things nearby. If I can’t summon up that energy, I embrace Niagara through their website. Kudos….and thanks!
– Linda Crago, Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm

Testimonals_Empty2I have a healthy distrust for the internet and all the bad stuff it brings into my office from money scams to endless spam and recipes for bomb-making. With one glaring and refreshing exception – Embrace Niagara. Everything that’s good and great and getting better about Niagara is covered on this informative and entertaining site. Posted with accuracy and humour and a high degree of professionalism, there is no aspect of Niagara Life overlooked – from business to wellness with a glass of wine on the side. I browse the colourful and fascinating features on Embrace Niagara and I think – I gotta get out of the house more often. Thank you Dan and Katie for highlighting my neighbourhood in such an appetizing and satisfying manner. Truly, it’s a wonderful service you provide us, full of spirit and free of charge.
– William Thomas, Writer

Testimonals_Empty2As an active member of the Niagara Business & Social communities it has been my pleasure to know and work together with Dan and Katie in their “Embrace Niagara” efforts. Their commitment to building a positive message for the business community in Niagara blends perfectly with their ability to showcase the tremendous quality of life that we enjoy with our families here in Niagara after-hours. Whether it’s been sharing his reviews on one of the business events we at AOS have supported or riding his bike alongside me on a 100km fundraiser, Dan’s “sure let’s give it a whirl” attitude is easy to appreciate and quite endearing. I appreciate the contribution they make and all things remaining the same look forward to seeing Dan, Katie and Embrace Niagara grow deeper roots into the community they so staunchly support.
– Dave Shaw, Advanced Office Solutions

Testimonals_Empty2I wish there were more leaders like Dan and Katie McKinnon in Niagara. Their unselfish and dedicated work with Embrace Niagara speaks to their integrity and character. True leaders always promoted from the background and highlight what others are doing before themselves. We are proud and honored to be associated with the work and commitment of Embrace Niagara.
– Neil Thornton, The Thornton Group of Companies, Trigger Strategies

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Testimonals_AdrianPetry2Embrace Niagara is more than a place to see what has been happening around the region. It’s smartly written content really separates the site apart from other photo-journals in the area. Dan and Katie have established so many personal connections with people throughout the region that Embrace Niagara is more like a story book than a news service.
– Adrian Petry, St.Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre

Testimonals_DeniseBurke2I just want to thank you both so much for coming to Niagara and starting up Embrace Niagara. For so long, so many of us have been singing the praises of a united Niagara, so I can’t tell you how great it is to have a website that celebrates the amazing people and wonderful stories Niagara boasts. Keep up the terrific job!
– Denise Burke, Niagara Ice Dogs

Testimonals_TiffanyMayer2Working with you and Katie was a lot of fun and I thought Katie wrote the post with a lot of passion, which is often missing from so much writing today. Embrace Niagara provides a forum for the community to learn about what’s happening in the region with stories that might not make it to mainstream media channels but are still worthy of telling.
– Tiffany Mayer, Eating Niagara & Garden of Eating – Niagara

Testimonals_DawnCrysler2Striving to intrigue, enthuse, and promote, Embrace Niagara shares the stories of our community and the happenings of our region, unfolding unique experiences along the way.
– Dawn E. Crysler, White Crow

Testimonals_AndriaLynettEmbrace Niagara brings many events in Niagara “alive” like no other coverage in the area. The Fort Erie Arts Council is indebted to their thoughtful articles and their fabulous photographic coverage. Embrace Niagara truly “covers the waterfront” and all the land in between. A great resource for locals and visitors.
– Andria Lynett, Digital Messenger

Testimonals_Empty2I am the organizer of Welland’s Zombie Walk, and was fortunate enough to not only have a successful event, but to have Embrace Niagara in attendance. Their article about this event was informative, and helped to create a buzz about this, encouraging many people to attend and wish to participate in future zombie walks. I’m glad to see Embrace Niagara doing exactly as their name implies: embracing the stories and happenings in the Niagara community, as well as showcasing what this area has to offer. Local media cover and report on events, but Embrace Niagara tells the story. I’m glad it told mine!
– James Takeo, Welland Zombie Walk

Testimonals_Empty2Growing up in Niagara it’s easy to lose sight on all the wonderful things this region has to offer. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to help you appreciate where you come from. Dan and Katie McKinnon from Embrace Niagara offered exactly that…a fresh perspective. I have had the privilege to meet with Dan and Katie several times when Embrace Niagara did a 3 part series on Niagara’s music scene featuring my band, Theatre Crisp, and Petestock Music Festival. Embrace Niagara offers a necessary service to the Niagara region helping people to have their own fresh perspective on what this amazing landscape of ours has to offer. On behalf of Theatre Crisp and the team at PETESTOCK Music Festival, “Thank you for all the long hours of hard work and dedication to make Embrace Niagara work!”
– Peter Goertz, Theatre Crisp

Testimonals_Empty2I remember when I first met Dan he shared with me how many he times since moving to our region he had been questioned by native Niagarans -“Why oh why”- he and Katie had selected Niagara as their home after having researched all of Canada to pick a community in which to live. As a career Realtor, I hear this same message all too often from local residents. It’s about time we began to join together to sing the praises of ALL that Niagara has to offer. That is why I am a huge fan of Embrace Niagara! When you read all the stories and experiences of life in Niagara written in Dan & Katie’s respectful, appreciative voice you will no doubt want to Embrace Niagara with new eyes yourself.
– Cathy Berkhout-Bosse, Niagara Realty Source

Testimonals_Empty2A thriving community needs media where one can see stories that show community’s true character. A place where the community eagerly wears its heart on its sleeve. Telling such stories helps those inside and outside the community not only treasure what we have, but also value the vision of what’s to come. The stories you’ll find inside Embrace Niagara show our collective heart in a way that is simply without peer in the Niagara region. From the first article onwards, you’ll come to love the people, places and things in Niagara as much as, if not more than, those of us who are lucky enough to live here.
– Trevor Twining, Niagara Co-Working

Testimonals_Empty2Embrace Niagara articles are like chatting with a friend over coffee…fascinating, informative and charming. Enhanced by stunning imagery they provide the reader with great insight into the Niagara experience.
– Jennifer Tupling, City of St. Catharines

Testimonals_Empty2Embrace Niagara really hit the mark in its article on Social Media Club Niagara, I think in large part because we’re both focused on sharing and telling stories. We appreciate the help in getting the word out about SMC Niagara and how much we all can learn by sharing what we know, and as EN pointed out, don’t know about social media.
– Robin McPherson, arnoldi:mcpherson

Testimonals_Empty2Embrace Niagara – it’s all in their handle. A website dedicated to telling Niagara Stories – just like Essential Collective Theatre! First met Dan and his team when they came to interview the creative team of White Crow last year – they’re coverage was detailed and insightful. A necessary addition to our media scene.
– Jason Cadieux, Essential Collective Theatre

Testimonals_Empty2Embrace Niagara is where I go for good news, for positive, uplifting stories that remind me what a beautiful caring place my community is. I believe we all need more positive things to focus on in this busy scary world. Dan and Katie are my kindred spirits for sure. They have already done two stories about the Niagara Falls Humane Society, informing the public, tugging hearts, telling the animals’ stories. Their photos are wonderful and their words insightful. Their patience and compassion is clear to all of us when they visit, and we hope they visit often. There is nowhere else to go for local good news. I’m so grateful to have these caring folks spreading some much needed light!
– Cathy Fugler, Niagara Falls Humane Society